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Byss was a tiny planet near to the centre of the universe, and was Palpy's favourate vacation spot. Sometime after the Clone Wars Annywanny Crywanker Wookiee-Nookie'd then disenbowled No Soup-a With-a Buffet here because because she was a whiny little whore and Satan Dave Filoni wasn't there to save her in time. This resulted in that kiddy show being cancelled, restoring balance to the force. When the Empire dicovered Byss, the Big Cheese decided that even Stormtroopers needed brakes sometimes so they build millions of Casino's, 1,000,000,000 Luxury 5-star hotels, 90,000 resteraunts, 10 theme parks, 100,000,000 diners and 50,000,000,000,000 Starbucks's. Oddly, though Palpatine and God where the only people with enough money and influence to be even allowed to stay for a night! (whenever Poo-Poo wanted to visit Byss, he would raise the Galaxy's annual tax by 5000% so that he could afford the trip). Byss was eventually destroyed by Yo Mama driving an Eclipse-class Star Doghnut into a Penis which fired the Ewok Virus at Byss and PWN'D it. KA-BOOM!!!!!


Little known fact.

In Count Dookie's brief and failed attempt at a restaurant franchise he opened McDooku's, as his master had copyrighted Dookie's name in case he ever wanted to open a store or something. C'est la vie.