Bultar Swan

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Bultar Swan was a Female Human who was born on Courascaunt. She grew up the same way every other Jedi did, they were told not to marrie, she was given to a wierd old guy for a master, and she was put through physical work by him, her master would tell her that its good for their health. Bultar`s master was killed in a methane explosion so she was taken in by another master, this time her master was none other than Jocasta Nu. No mater the difference on how her new master was jocasta still had swan practice physical labour on her every night. Swan would practice "physical" labour with her study mates, Luminara Unduli, Tsui Choi, Sarrissa Jeng, and Sar Lbooda

After twenty years under jocastas labour swan was ready for the trial, her trial was different from any ordinary trial though, she had to give physical labour to everyone in the room, including, Yoda, Mace Windu, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti and Eeth Koth. About a few years latter she ran into an old study partner of hers, Luminara Unduli, due to them both being bored they decided to study again, while in the middle of it all, unduli`s padawan Barriss Offee walked in an took what she saw to heart.

Bultar would take a part in the Battle of Geonosis, where she was one of few people to live. She would become one of the Republics weirdest generals, allways having to practice physical labour with her unconcious troopers. She would also practic physical labour with any jedi who asked for her help. She would continue this until she found ot what physical labour really meant. She left the order in embarresment, this infact saved her from Order 66. She was one of few survivous she would bribe people to keep her safe by having Relations with them. One day however Darth Vader came because the person who was housing her was his assisstant. Vader got intamite with Bultar, due to his cyborg implants he didnt know when to stop, so she died having sex with vader. Her body was taken and frozen in carbonyte, she would be hung up on Palpatines office.

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