Brain worm

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"There's worms in my brain!"
―Anonymous clone trooper

Brain worms were Goa'uld symbiotes parasitic worms excreted by the Xenomorph queen, capable of possessing and controlling other life forms. Their control was strong enough to possess even recently dead creatures, creating, booga-booga, zombies! They entered through the nose of their intended host, which raises the question of how they would infect Duros.

Theoretically, brain worms could have taken over every single Jedi and clone trooper during the Battle of Geonosis, giving the Geonosians complete control of the universe... but I guess they were keeping an ace in the hole or something. Barriss Offee got possessed for a while... so I guess... does that mean the Geonosian queen knows how to use the Force now, or what? Oh, I don't know. This episode opens up a whole big can of worms.

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