Bothan Herald:Separatist Crisis Escalates to War?

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Arsonius T. Xenophasis reporting....

Coruscant is abuzz with the rumor that hostilities in the Separatist Crisis have erupted into full-fledged war. Spokespersons for the Galactic Senate deny that anything untoward has occurred. They reject as unsubstantiated gossip the presence of strange wedge-shaped battleships in orbit despite their obvious position. Confidential sources identify these ships as Acclamator-class assault ships constructed by Rothana Heavy Engineering. Rothana refuses to comment.

Nor has there been any satisfactory explanation for the white-armored soldiers seen boarding these warships. The Senate's official press statement left much to be desired so more cooperative sources are being sought. Matters are compounded because a top-secret communication was forwarded to HNN offices, but shortly thereafter it was seized by Coruscant Security Forces. Partial transcripts are in circulation which allege that everything is "good, gooood," and that the negotiations are "proceeding according to plan."

With such a dearth of reliable information rumors abound. Currently the most popular is that this is all part of a massive publicity stunt. This rumor posits that the starships and soldiers are all holovid students and historians reenacting the Great Galactic War. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is expected to give a speech clarifying matters in the near future.

The Bothan Herald reporter Karohalva.

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