Bothan Herald:Elderly woman destroys famous fresco of Gonk

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The 'Ecce Robo' fresco before (left) and after (right) Jocasta Nu, 80, got her hands on it.

CORUSCANT — A case of suspected vandalism at the Jedi Temple has turned out to be probably the worst restoration project of all time, second only to The Sith Lords Restoration Project.

Jocasta Nu has stepped forward this week to claim responsibility for disfiguring a century-old fresco of the Lord our Gonk in a botched do-it-yourself restoration. The painting - known as "Ecce Robo," or "behold the droid" - has been housed in the Jedi Archives for the past century, while experts are now trying to salvage what's left of the fresco.

Ms. Nu has been identified as an 80 year-old historian for the Jedi Order by HoloNet reporters, and clarified that she was apparently unhappy with the slow deterioration of the fresco, which she called her favorite local representation of Gonk, later adding, "Miss him. Miss him."

Coruscant authorities have said that they are now considering taking legal action against Ms. Nu, although they insist that their priority is to try to return the work to its original, Gonkly state, under the guidance of experts in the field of art.

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