Bothan Herald:Asajj Ventress shot to death by Imperial Commandos in Chiss Space

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The Clone Commandos that pulled it off... we think. I don't know, they all look so alike.

March 1st, 10:34 PM

Special Dueling Ring Event, Extreme Dismemberment, Taris - As the crowd cheers on, Cathar Wean-Cena stands over the former champion, Rodian Bill "The Biz" Bizowski. Laying on the floor with a sword impaled through his chest, it was a certainty he would never hold a title again.

As Wean-Cena celebrates, he goes to the center of the ring and picks up a microphone.

I walk out here every night with tustle and boiling resentment on my sleeve. That is a credo I've adopted from the Clones who defend the security of this Empire. The Emporer has just announced that we have caught... and compromised to a permanent end... Asajj Ventress!

The reaction of the crowd was the same as the reaction all across the Empire.

As everyone knows, Asajj Ventress fled from the Separatists after the fall of Count Dooku, and hid somewhere in Chiss Space. She has fallen off the grid in the last two years since the creation of the Empire. Apparently, The Emperor and his associates found the location a few months ago.

Asajj was hold up in a large building on the Chiss world of Cormit, away from most civilization. With amazingly dull conversations between the Galactic Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy, Emperor Palpatine moved in a Clone Commando group to take out Asajj. They infiltrated the mansion, leading to a fire fight between the clones and old B1 Battle Droids. Asajj apparently went for her lightsabers, but was shot in the head before she could ignite them.

A person that could possibly be the most widely hated woman since Darth Traya, Asajj Ventress's body was taken by the Commandos back to Coruscant. TIE Fighters bombed the base, just to be sure all Droids and fellow Separatists were dead.

This happened at the right time for the Emperor. With his approval rating going down and systems slipping through his fingers, this will hold well for our leader. Palpatine had this to say on the incident.

Yeah, the Chiss were very cooperative in and off the fact that they let us trample a good portion of their planet. And as for Ventress, its a good thing she's dead, but this is only the end of the Beginning for the Empire. I assure you, the galaxy still has many problems in the coming years, but a seperatism state is no longer a problem. After all, how could anyone else hurt this powerful empire?

The body was said to be given a full Dathomirian funeral. It is said in the same report that the rather unknown Dathomirian custom involved a fire, some grenades, a force choke, and a mild case of necrophilia.

We are being told that No clones were harmed in the operation, but really, who would pay enough attention to care?

The Bothan Herald will keep you updated as long as our supply of Spice keeps coming in.

The Bothan Herald reporter StarNinja99.

"This is The Bothan Herald."
―James Earl Jones