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A "what if" situation showing Bea Arthur's appearance as a woman.
"Tell the truth, Darth Sion, are you so much to look at? The way Visas Marr sees, and the way you look, it's a perfect match!"
―Bea Arthur as the Matchmaker in the original Broadway cast of Knight of the Old Republic on the Roof
"How do you fuck up the ass?"
―A very true quote from Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur was the handsome actor who portrayed Ackmena in The Star Wars Holiday Special. He is perhaps best known for playing women going through menopause on shows made for women going through menopause. Bea is a beloved to the Star Wars fan community and often makes appearances at conventions, along with fellow Holiday Special cast members Harvey Korman and Art Carney. In 2002, Bea Arthur turned into a bat yet again and flew back to his home in Transylvania where he married the only other person that has lived as long as he has, Mick Jagger. He will not be reprising Ackmena in the upcoming The Star Wars Holiday Special II: Revenge of the Holographic Wow, being replaced by Sylvester Stallone.

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