Battle of Coruscant

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Battle of Kashyyyk


Battle of Utapau

Battle of Coruscant

Clone Wars


19 BBY




Republic victory, costly


Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Lots of the CIS fleet
  • Dooku
"Are we winning?"
"Impossible to tell, sir... but the CGI is pretty cool, huh?
―General Grievous and one of his battle droids

The Battle of Coruscant was a crucial battle between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, with a lot of buzzy ships shooting at each other, pew-pew-pew!, and starfighters going zzzzzrrroom, and blowing up, ker-CHOM! There was so much crap going on, you couldn't tell what was happening or who was winning, and clone pilots showed up, and they were all "Lock S-foils," and the droids started shooting, and they were all "Beep-beep," and then Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker start flying around in their starfighters, zzzzzzzip! And then Obi-Wan's ship gets shot, krrzat, krrzat! and his droid, R4-P17 gets killed by buzz droids, and R2-D2 kills a buzz droid himself, and then Obi-Wan starts getting really nervous about everything, and then they land on the Invisible Hand to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, who's actually really the bad guy in charge of the attacking side, but they don't know that, and anyway, then Anakin and Count Dooku get in a fight, and he's all "I’m old!" and Anakin's like "I'm young!" and cuts off his head... and escapes, and rescues Palpatine and lands safely on Coruscant. Oh, and General Grievous runs away. Both the Republic and Confederacy lost a bunch of ships.

Disambiguation...cha, like we really care

"Over here, we have the monument to the Yuuzhan Vong your left, you'll see the monument to the Sith-Imperial occupation...come on, keep up now..."
―A Coruscanti tour guide, circa 2112 ABY

Oh, but there were other Battles of Coruscant. Like the one 24,000 years ago between the Republic and the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion; or the one 15,000 years ago when the Duinguinvuinschwuin space dragons attacked Coruscant; or the one during the Great Hyperspace War, when the Sith attacked Coruscant; or the one during the Great Sith War, when the Sith attacked Coruscant again; or the one during the Great War when the Sith totally sacked Coruscant in the in-zone; or the one in the late stages of the Galactic Civil War, when the Rebel Alliance liberated Coruscant from the Galactic Empire; or the one where the New Republic defended Coruscant against an attack from the Imperials, led by Ysanne Isard; or the one where Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked the New Republic on Coruscant; or the one after Thrawn's death, where the reinvigorated Imperial Remnant retook Coruscant, defeating the New Republic; or the one where the New Republic took Coruscant back again; or the one where Coruscant was raided by the Second Imperium; or the one where the Yuuzhan Vong conquered Coruscant by using ships full of hostages as living shields, eventually toppling the New Republic altogether; or the one where the newly formed Galactic Alliance retook Coruscant from the Vong; or the one where Sith Empire defeated the Galactic Alliance and took Coruscant during the Sith-Imperial War.

Honestly, you'd be safer on Tatooine, or inside the belly of a space slug, than living on Coruscant.

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