Soon Bayts

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"You are on the council, but *chuckles* only if you accept the rank of Master."
Mace Windu
"<Insert Nob Joke Here>"
―Everyone He Has Ever Met

Master Soon Cornelius Wortellarhombic Bayts (Take your time. Make your own punchline) was an old Zen master who was not a Jedi per se, but was granted the rank of Master when the Galaxy realized what an awesome pun it would be. He was famous for having coached many Jedi on how 'to do without'. Although this included many things, such as how to do without milk and cookies every night before bed, invariably 'cause of his name, this was often only linked to one thing. Galactically revered, Bayts had several apprentices and was even captured once by Pulpitine and forced to work on a Galactic Celibacy Campaign. He died of a stroke.[1]

Notes and references

  1. stolen from Ozzel in #Wookieepedia

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