Basilisk war droid

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Oh, the Travissty!

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Canderous Ordo's personal Basilisk War Driod
Basilisk War Droid
Production information

Chuck the Magic Badger



Technical specifications

The Basilisk War Droid needs no countermeasures!


OMG OMG Beskar






Pwning shit


A bunch of planets



Known owner(s)
"So what if your ship can do the Kessel run under twelve parsecs? I bet you can't even bomb the G*nk out of a class-9 planetoid with that sissy YT freighter"
Canderous Ordo, comparing his Superior Basilisk with Han Solo's Flying Skillet

The Basilisk War Droid was a Mandalorian drop-ship which traveled in one direction: down. During the Mandalorian Wars it was mass produced by Chuck the Magic Badger, a Mandalorian industrialist.


After learning the hard way that free-falling from orbit hurt a lot, Mandalore the Sufficient decided a new method of attack was needed. Contacting Chuck the Magic Badger via carrier pigeons specially adapted for hyperspace travel, he called for the creation of an armored assault vessel with "more firepower than a case of 500 proof scotch". Chuck responded with the Basilisk War Droid, stealing the name from an insectoid piece of rubbish formerly used by Mandalorians.

The new vessel caught on quickly. With it, Mandalorian warriors could now land on enemy planets more-or-less without permanent brain damage. High-ranking Mandalorians often customized their Basilisk to give it a more personal touch. Cassus Fett for instance had an Ouzo dispenser built in his cockpit.

When a Mandalorian was asked how he survived reentry riding on an open droid, the Mandalorian destroyed that planet.

Basilisk war droids were also used by the House of Slytherin.

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