Armored Assault Tank

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"Good thing we're only fighting Gungans..."

The Armored Assault Tank, or AAT, was a cheap tank used by the Trade Federation and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There were many better models of repulsor tank available during the Clone Wars, but the AAT was much cheaper because it was based on an old design for Sgt. Slaughter's "Warthog A.I.F.V." rejected by Hasbro for its G.I. Joe line of vehicles.

AATs required a crew of four battle droids, with one or two spares packed away in the trunk in case one of them dies. They were used in the Invasion of Naboo, the Outer Rim Sieges, the Christophsis campaign of General Loathsom, and several times in Grand Theft Auto: Coronet City, when a Corellian drug-runner stole one and went on a killing spree.

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