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A Chiss: "I'm the pinnacle of sobriety, culture, dignity and manners. I'm also a xenophobe, so go away."
A Core World Human: "Hey, you stole my line!"
— An inter-species cultural exchange, circa 40 ABY[src]
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Darth Voldemort, also known as Lord Voldemort, My Lord, Master, The Dark Lord, Lord Montymort, Lord Moldyshorts, that creepy guy who likes stalking little kids, Lord Ugly Butt, The Real Senator Palpatine, The Real Chancellor Palpatine, and The Real Emperor Palpatine, was secretly named Thomas Andrew Curtis James Anderson Cooper Riddle Palpatine.....the third. He was (unsurprisingly) the younger twin brother of Frank Palpatine.

Thomas Andrew Curtis James Anderson Cooper Riddle Palpatine.....the third and his brother Frank were born on Nabooboo to Thomas Andrew Curtis James Anderson Cooper Riddle Palpatine.....the second and his wife Eleanor Lestrange. The brothers were taken away from their parents at an early age to a juvenile detention center. Kicked out of that, the two were sold to a crop farmer as slaves. Kicked out of that, Darth Plagueis found them and trained the twins in the ways of the Dark Side.

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All hail the Darthipedian who boldly Wookiee-Nookied the previous Evil Genius of the Month to death!
The Bothan Herald
As long as Bambi's mother won't be slaughtered by Tusken raiders. That would mess with continuity.
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"I don't know, sir, it just dropped out of nowhere! And that little robot-thing keeps wheeling around, beeping incoherently! What? You want us to dump it over the side? Uhhh, sir, are you sure that's wise? It looks so badass!"
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Conversation of a vandal, a bunch of other people and a Wookiee