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―Yun-Yomamaka priest[src]
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Aby Shooto, also known simply as Abbs, was a Jedi Knight who used her incredible intuitive nature and connection to the Force, supplemented by vast amounts of Kaf-Pow, to solve crimes and make bad people go away. A student of the legendary Jedi Master and former sniper Leroy Jethro Gibbs, she earned her spurs during the Jedi Order's troubles with the Lost Tribe of Sith based on Korriban. Aby personally tracked down no less than five Sith Lords, two Sith Underlords, and nineteen Sith Apprentices, leading them into various traps whereupon they were struck down by other Knights.

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All hail the Darthipedian who boldly Wookiee-Nookied the previous Evil Genius of the Month to death!
The Bothan Herald
As long as Bambi's mother won't be slaughtered by Tusken raiders. That would mess with continuity.
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"Cade, this is my sister and your aunt: Special Agent Umbilical Corde."
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Jake Groundhopper