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"Oh, I don't need to conquer the galaxy. No no, that's fine. I put all this work into my evil Sith scheme, but no! Fine! Good! Really!"
Darth Passive-Aggressive
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The Force was a mysterious tingling sensation felt by some an orgasm without the sex. Other people got more of a mild electric shock, which made them go evil and destroy planets. They should not be blamed for this. It really is quite irritating. Honestly.

The Force comes in many different shapes. With it, you can zap, push, choke, penetrate, blast, pull, slash, throw, bash, crash, blow stuff up with, mash, and kill enemies by the dozen. But the Force isn't all fun and games. One must always be vigilant against the dark side. The dark side's like buying a hooker. Sure, you get your satisfaction, sure you can go home to your wife and kids in a good enough mood not to think about killing them. But it leaves you empty, something still seems to be missing. That thing that's missing.... it's a condom.

Heh, who am I kidding? Hookers rule, so therefore, the POWAH of the dark side rulez!!!!

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